About Us


Meet Curt!

As an administrator of wildlife areas in the state of Illinois, I wanted to move to the mountains to relax and retire. Woops, change in plans! After almost fifteen years with Biltmore Estate, I now serve as the Director of Grounds Operations. My day involves the Field to Table Program, greenhouses, livestock, crop fields and roads. Oh, yes! I also manage the forest conservation and the animals who live there. I love my work and where it happens. 

Once in a while Deborah catches me for some cottage maintenance issues she can't tackle.


The Two Of Us

Was there ever a time we didn't have each other? We can't remember.

Knowing no other place in the world other than a little village in Illinois, we set off as newlyweds to meet the world. 

Twenty years later we decided to step outside the midwest and move to the beautiful Smoky Mountains. 

Waynesville, NC was where we landed. All it took was one glance at the mountain range from Lake Junaluska and we were smitten with Western North Carolina. 

Fortunately, we have never let this new love come between us. 



Meet Deborah

I'm often the wild card played in this story. My degree is in Education Administration. I'm nationally board certified as an exceptional needs specialist. Also, I have worked with online education programs through the University of North Carolina. I retired from education and taught music out of my private music studio for almost a decade. 

Over the last four years, I have managed the cottages, orchestrating great vacation memories for our cottage guests.